Friday, August 17, 2012

Can Flash Website Design Really Work in Today’s Changing Tech-World?

Can Flash Website Design Really Work in Today’s Changing Tech-World?

The views of the some of the web designers who deem flash designs as end solution to all potential problems related to website’s success have been proved irrelevant. Most of the web designers fail to understand that Flash designs do impart visual elegance, but are in no ways, are elementary parts of a website’s design. The end users actually do not care much about the flash design, but seek to find that attribute which marks its uniqueness. A flash based website cannot expect to draw traffic or allure visitors, if other interesting features are missing. Flash alone cannot help.

One of the prime reasons reason why a lot of web designers do not consider Flash as a sole potential designing tool is the fact that they have realized that a website also needs to have many other features to enrich the user experience to its best. Breathtaking flash animation or flash animated presentation is only a prelude to a viable online presence for a website, but the site’s functionality is the main thing that offers the best result to the domain owners.

Flash designs increase the page load time. Owing to the variety of options, visitors hardly spend time for a site that takes too much time to load. If the visual elegance of a website affects its speed, then it is of no use. Users just need information in a quick manner and if the speed is affected, they will move to the next option, in no time.

Flash designs hinder search engine robots to crawl the websites and hence it is wise to keep the Flash designs to the minimum use so as to get the sites indexed in the search engines.

This does not mean that flash cannot make a website successful. Flash website design can turn out to be very successful if is strategically used. However, these designing elements should not be used just for the sake of using it.

However, for all the animation needs of your website, there is a design tool known as edge from the house of Adobe. This tool allows you to animate different elements of your website with the help of standard Web technology.

Edge provides you a graphical interface so that you can automate the programming without being an expert in HTML5 or CSS. Using Edge, you can actually drop SVG elements on a canvas which would be connected to a timeline of animation. You can create animations by manually editing the properties or you can drag the aforementioned elements around to create animations. You can also copy, paste and scale the animation actions as per your requirements.

This is an era of change where a new generation of technologies has emerged to take user experience to the next level. Be proud being a part of this era and make the most of the tools available at hand. The future of web is what you make it.